Derby Shaving Stick – Kremli


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Derby Shaving Stick – Kremli

The Derby Shaving Soap Stick Is A creamy,  Formula  Provides Incredible Presentation & Comfortable Shaves.

Fresh Citrus Scent.

World-Class, High-Quality Shaving Stick.

Apply On Your Exotic Beard.

Use Any Brush to Produce Smooth Lather.

Directions :  Wet the area to be shaved with hot water, then rub the end of the stick over the area to be shaved.
Run hot water over the shaving brush, and shake some of the excess water out.
Swirl brush in a circular motion along with short back and forth strokes to build the lather directly on the skin, adding small amounts of hot water to the brush as needed.
Build lather until the desired consistency is achieved.

Ingredients: Potassium tallowate, potassium cocoate, stearic acid, sodium palm kernelate, aqua, disodium distrylbiphenyl disulfonate, CL77891, paraffinum liquidum, parfum, geraniol, benzyl alcohol, linalool, glycerin