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Financing -thru- Snap Finance

**Also check bottom of this page for Other Flexible installment Payments Available**

To save Time & Effort; please read this page entirely — For Self Service…



Please email screenshots of your shopping cart to:: Contact@idealbarbersupply.com

Click one of the 2 blue banners or Scan the QR Code at the bottom to start your application,  Read all below….

**We are excited to offer financing to our valued customers. No credit needed to apply, 100 days Flexible Payments with very little fees to exist. Also with no cost out of pocket & all taxes and fees will be added to your Snap Fiannce application or virtual card. With snap financing, you will be eligible to place your order Via email instantly after the approval.

Email: Contact@idealbarbersupply.com

Phone: 813-605-0177

IBHSIBS finance fee

Customers from all States will be charged 10% of invoice total + local sales taxes depending on application Type and state. (Virtual cards, or Portal APP)

Some Minor fees might be in place for some customers depending on state and Application Type ( could be as low as $10 in some cases)

Payments are deducted automatically from your checking account weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly depending on application filing.

Customer have the option to contact snap finance Directly to payoff the loan amount within the 100 days period associating with very small payoff fees.


Finance Minimum Order : $250 plus taxes and fees

Free shipping on all Snap Finance orders

No waiting, get instant approval. The financing provided is easy, fast, and flexible to where you cannot ask for anything better!

To qualify for Snap Finance ,you must

**The Start : choose items: Preferred method:

Click one of the 2 blue banners or Scan the QR Code below to get started with your financing application Today!

After approval, take screenshots of your shopping cart with all items DESIRED with the cart total shown clearly.

Then send screenshots, driver license to via our customer service email: Contact@idealbarbersupply.com


Make sure your screenshots are clear; easy to read and not cutting off or duplicating any products.

Make sure to fill the email subject with your first, last name, & finance request.

**A store representative will Email you back and income cases call you with grand total numbers including fees and taxes and final process.


**Second Method – The Backup: “The abandoned cart method”

Simply shop by adding desired items to the cart and proceed to checkout like normal. Then fillout all checkout forms entirely the way down and finally click the yellow paypal button to take you to a redirect paypal screen where from there click “cancel and return to idealbarbersupply” button.

This way we will get a copy of your abondoned order with all your necessary information that we can work on.

***Snap Finance Virtual Cards & Portal Apps are handled over email, Dont Checkout on our website !

Email: Contact@idealbarbersupply.com

Phone: 813-605-017

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Click Banner To Begin Your Application 
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