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Barber Disinfecting Glass Jar 37oz

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jar only!  no blue liquid, scissors or comb. picture for representation purposes only

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Barber Disinfecting Glass Jar 37oz

Recognized throughout the world in salons and spas, the barber Disinfecting Jar is perfect for disinfecting hairstyling tools, shears, immersible files, and longer grooming instruments. The enduring symbol of safety and cleanliness in barbershops is the distinctive faceted glass jar topped with a silver lid. This vacant midsize disinfectant jar proves to be an excellent addition to any workstation, boasting features such as a total immersion stainless steel self-draining basket and a non-slip rubber ring base, making it ideal for sanitizing and disinfecting barber, salon, and esthetician tools. Crafted from custom-molded glass with stainless steel components and adorned with a diamond-shaped topper, this jar stands out. The specially designed self-draining retrieval basket allows tools to be immersed and removed without the need to dip fingers into the disinfectant solution. Additionally, a rubber ring at the base ensures the jar remains secure, preventing slipping and tipping. With a capacity of 37 ounces, it is a practical and stylish choice for maintaining hygiene in your workspace.


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