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Marmara Barber Two Phase Conditioner 500ml – No4 Biotin Yellow

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Marmara Barber Two Phase Conditioner 500ml – No4 Biotin Yellow

Hair care for broken hair – the nourishing leave-in hair treatment repairs and protects damaged hair from the inside and gives the hair shine and suppleness. The Detangling Conditioner is an intensive care and at the same time an effective heat protection that seals the hair and can therefore be used as an optimal styling template. Leave-in conditioner for men – the conditioner hair spray with 2 phases nourish, protect and provide important nutrients for immediately visible results and more vitality. The detangling leave-in conditioner also serves for better combability.

Directions: Shake the bottle well so that the 2-phase formula mixes well, then distribute in damp or dry hair, comb through, and do not rinse.


Available number/colors/Scents/Types:

BARBER CONDITIONER SPRAY NO.1 KERATIN The fragrance of Barber No.1 Cologne – Liberty Energy comes with the combination of the unique and invigorating smells of “Mediterranean”, “Sky”, “Wind” and “Citrus”. The fragrance should remind you of the Mediterranean wind and a slow walk by the sea!

BARBER CONDITIONER SPRAY NO.2 COLLAGEN The fragrance of Barber No.2 Cologne – is delicate, bright, and refreshing. A creation that carries the dreams inspired by freedom, into reality “Wind Quash”. A peaceful composition with bright pure notes. Feel the ease of relaxation

BARBER CONDITIONER SPRAY NO.3 ARGAN The fragrance of Barber No.3 Cologne – The joy of this composition consisting of bergamot and woody notes will be scattered and radiate the sparkle of the sun.

BARBER CONDITIONER SPRAY NO.4 BIOTIN The fragrance of Barber No.4 Cologne – The joy of this composition, consisting of lime, bergamot, and floral notes, will diffuse and spread the radiance of the sun.

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