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NISHMAN Hair Styling Wax 08 Matte 150 ml



NISHMAN Hair Styling Wax 08 Matte 150 ml


What is it  : A re-workable wax that gives definition, shine and a firm hold which will last throughout the whole day.  Don’t like shine on your hair, this is the right product for you.

What is does : The product is used to thicken the hair and give the ultimate hold. Offering the highest holding rate out of the whole range.

Who is it for : For men that want a strong hold but still with a matte finish. Designed to control all hair types and styles, even thick, coarse, wavy hair.

How to use it : Work through the hands and evenly distribute throughout the hair. Apply more product depending on your desired level of hold.

Size: 150ml or 5oz

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