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StyleCraft S|C Club Paddle Barber Brush


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StyleCraft S|C Club Paddle Barber Brush

Highest quality paddle barber brush with real wood handle and 100% boar bristles. Ideal for all types of hair, long or short, thin or thick. Durable natural bristles allow for deeper cleaning, removing dust, dirt, and dandruff.Quality wood handle with natural bristles made in Argentina.  Helps to distribute natural oils in the hair around the scalp while boosting shine and smoothing the hair for styling. This paddle brush is lightweight and fits just right in your hand, whether left or right-handed

Professional Barber Paddle Brush, Wood Handle and Boar Bristles – Naturally!

What makes the best paddle brush?  Functionality, Quality, and Soft Bristles.

Feel the difference when holding this paddle brush in your hand…solid, just the right weight, not too light or heavy, and made for right or left-handed people.  Water resistant 100% natural bristles gently glide through the hair wiping away tangles, dirt and debris, it smooths even the most stubborn strands.  It helps massage and stimulate the scalp removing dead skin cells, increases blood circulation delaying hair loss, and is simply relaxing to take long, slow strokes on the head.

The comfort oval grip handle is designed to make it super easy to edge past hair while not straining your fingers and hand to hold onto it. Paddle brushes are vital to a barber and stylist’s reputation and quality of work.  Without the right tools you chance leaving your client looking unkept and unfinished.

We suggest properly storing your brushes after each use to for long life and durability.  Place the brush wood side down with bristles up and do not place anything on top of the bristles so not to crush and damage the bristles.  When using for travel, carefully wrap in a slightly loose cotton bag and make sure it is not crushed in your toiletry bag, carrying case or purse.  This will ensure your paddle brush will last for a long time to come.

A Modern and sexy black wood with sleek design.

STYLECRAFT Professional Barber Paddle Brush is perfect for smoothing, styling and taming wild locks into a silky, straight or a wavy polished look.  The wider square shape has more coverage than an average hair brush.  The boar bristles help to remove debris and loosen the natural oils in your hair to transfer from root to tip in one swoop. The softness of the bristles will not scratch or hurt your scalp, so it’s perfect for anyone in the family and provide excellent comfort while in use.

Some key points about our professional paddle brush:

  • PERFECT WIDE SQUARE SIZE for maximum coverage
  • HIGHEST QUALITY professional barber paddle brush
  • IDEAL FOR SMOOTHING and styling waves
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR straight, wavy, long, short
  • 100% NATURAL BOAR BRISTLES for a soft comfortable feel
  • MADE IN ARGENTINA, ships from USA

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