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suavecito hair cream

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suavecito hair cream

sometimes your hair doesn’t need an extreme amount of holding power that our fine pomades provide. Sometimes, a more casual or a “I don’t bother, but really I do” look is needed. You may also have locks that are easier to work with where styling is a simple affair. Maybe it just needs just a touch of something. With that in mind we present you a truly unique and old school product with Suavecito’s Hair Cream. A hair cream or as some call a “leave in conditioner” that works to style your locks effortlessly without a strong overbearing hold. This product gives your hair a healthy natural shine, softens and conditions. It is also re-workable throughout the day with either a comb or just your fingers. It does not give you a crunchy feeling or any flakes you can get with a cheap hair gel.

Directions: apply small amount of hair cream onto palm of hands. work cream into hair and style as desired with hands or comb. works well for a loose look (use hands) or a more stick look (use comb)

Ingredients: water, mineral oil, stearic acid, triethanolamine, lanoline, beeswax, borix acid, fragrance

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